Tips on Live Betting for Newbies

Live Betting

Sports betting has become an entertainment for millions of Italians, thanks to the ease of use and the possibility to play comfortably from any device. The spread of apps for sports betting, downloadable on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems, has increased the numbers of a market that was already healthy and that, for some time, has been recording very interesting data.

To date, in fact, the best online betting sites have many subscribers who, every day, enjoy rich schedules of events and competitions played in every part of the world. Even the sports with which to dabble are many: from soccer to basketball, from volleyball to tennis, through field hockey and more.

In recent years, users have begun to know and appreciate live betting, which has become one of the most popular types in our country.

In this guide we will see what live sports betting is, how it works, strategies to rely on to get the better of luck and much more. Do not forget that on our portal you will find many insights dedicated to the world of betting, with articles to read!

What is Live Sports Betting?

Live Betting tips

The live sports betting, also known as in-play betting, allows you to enter into the live sporting events and live the excitement of the sport. Unlike traditional betting, they give fans the opportunity to wager while the event they want to bet on is still being played.

Once arrived in the market, the novelty has revolutionized the way of understanding betting and created new spaces of entertainment. To summarize, the 10 main features of live sports betting are:

  1. Possibility to bet while the event is in progress
  2. Great online offer, with hundreds of events seven days a week and 24 hours a day
  3. Many markets available
  4. Sports, races and competitions from all over the world
  5. Advantageous odds
  6. Dynamic and constantly updated odds
  7. Intensity of the experience
  8. Fast paced fun
  9. Importance of making quick decisions
  10. Intuitive and easy to use

Differences from Traditional Betting

The first big advantage of live sports betting is to be able to decide while the event is in progress the type of bet to make, analyzing the course and the variations of the race. They can also be placed side by side with the pre-race one when there is a need to put in place a corrective action.

Unlike traditional betting, in live betting the odds change continuously taking into account what is happening on the field. However, during the most exciting moments, such as a penalty kick, the bets could be closed.

Regarding the markets to bet on, the two types of bets offer basically the same: 1X2 Final Result, Goal/No Goal, Head to Head, Under/Over and many others.

How to Place a Live Bet?

Live Sports Betting

To experience the excitement of live betting on soccer you need to register on BetFlag’s portal and open your account. The modality to place the bet, then, is similar to the one valid for the pre-match bets: you just have to select the event in question, the betting market of interest and the amount you want to allocate.

Obviously, the event appears only after the whistle of the start of the match: if the match starts at 20:45 you will have to wait a few minutes to play.

The important thing is not to lose the moment: in live betting it is fundamental to place the bets at the right moment and wait for the confirmation. The odds, as mentioned, are dynamic and can change from one moment to the next: guessing the exact timing is what makes them so much fun!

Tips and Tricks for Live Betting 

Obviously, the first tip for trying to win with this bet is to follow the event on television or any other way possible. It is difficult, if not impossible, to decide which bet to make without knowing how the match is going.

Especially if you have little experience, it is good to start by betting on the teams you know best or, at least, choose from the matches of the most popular leagues.

Another valid suggestion for in-play betting is to pay particular attention to the last 15-20 minutes of the game, when the team at a disadvantage starts to produce its maximum effort to try to recover or overturn the result.

Intuition must have a certain timing: it is essential to analyze in advance what will happen in the match and place the bet before the odds go down or, worse, the market is closed.

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