The History of Blackjack


The game blackjack is perhaps the best known and most loved card game in the world, on a par with poker. However, it is very different from the latter, as all players know, and this makes them perfectly complementary. Poker is in fact a game that requires great skill, concentration, ability to read the expressions of other players and to understand their psychology. Blackjack, on the other hand, is about mathematics, coolness and luck. The two games also have a very different history, although in both cases the events that led them to the present day are very special and interesting.

Origins of Blackjack


Blackjack is a game whose origins are lost in the mists of the Middle Ages and the early modern age. Like many other games, it seems to have flourished within the rich noble courts of Italy and France, at a time when all the nobles had to worry about, while the peasants were breaking their backs on the land of which they, the feudal lords, were the owners, was to celebrate and make merry. In a class of such unbridled wealth, which lived in total isolation from the surrounding misery, the game was something very important. It served to cheer up the long nights of partying and lazy days.

Fashions traveled very fast in that caste so restricted and segregated, and therefore also the games traveled, spreading throughout Europe. The age of the nobles is over, many of the members of that caste have found themselves passing through the guillotine, but their amusements have not been forgotten and have indeed spread to the lower classes. Following the latter, and their constant movements in search of luck, blackjack has traveled the world and has taken root in the most diverse countries.

Blackjack in USA

casino Blackjack

Its greatest fortune, however, was certainly that of finding itself in the United States. Here it first became the protagonist of the gambling dens that dotted the whole immense country, and then it entered the first big casinos in Nevada. The entry into the casinos was really the turning point for blackjack, which was recognized as having a fundamental role within those gigantic palaces of entertainment that were beginning to rise in the Nevada of freedom and sin.

Development of Online Blackjack

The online blackjack story begins a few years later, when the model of the big land casinos is replicated and moved to the net, in the field of virtual. Casinos become virtual environments, but this does not make the fun they can offer any less real. On the contrary, thanks to gaming sites, everyone can enjoy table games and bet even if they do not have large funds available. The game becomes accessible anytime, from home. It is no longer necessary to travel to reach it. This is perhaps the biggest step forward in the history of blackjack, and the one that has most changed the way its fans play.

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